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『13歳からのアート思考』末永幸歩著 をご存じでしょうか? 

『13歳からのアート思考』末永幸歩著 をご存じでしょうか?  このところ、書籍の世界では、「13歳からの・・・」や「〇〇思考」が花盛りですが、こちらの本、予想していた以上に面白い1冊でした。


1 「自分だけのものの見方」で世界を見つめ、

2 「自分なりの答え」を生み出し、

3 それによって「新たな問い」を生み出す






の 1行にハッとしました。



記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

Do you know the book "Art Thinking from the Age of 13" by Yukihiko Suenaga? Lately, in the world of books, there has been a trend of titles like "From the Age of 13..." or "〇〇 Thinking," but this particular book turned out to be even more interesting than I expected.

By the way, "Art Thinking" refers to the process of:

1. Observing the world with a "unique perspective,"

2. Generating "personal answers," and

3. Creating "new questions" as a result.

It's described as a method for looking at things from one's own viewpoint and creating one's own answers. The book also mentions that true artists are not particularly interested in making art (expression) bloom; instead, they have a deep-rooted curiosity and passion for exploration. It is precisely because of their deep-rooted curiosity that they can ultimately produce unique works. Leonardo da Vinci is a prime example of someone with profound curiosity, as he had over 7,000 pages of sketches and explorations, yet completed only nine paintings in his lifetime.

In the first place, when we were children, we were all bundles of curiosity and exploration. However, as time goes by, many people stop being artists and start focusing solely on creating the "flowers" that adults expect from them.

The line "Are you only creating the 'flowers' that someone else asks for?" struck me.

I must confess that I have been guilty of doing just that. But lately, I've been feeling the limits of catering to those expectations, and my soul is restless. In this age where AI can draw and write anything, I'm considering taking a break from being fixated on creating "flowers."

Articles: Copywriting / Mayumi Inagaki


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