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あえてストーリーを作らない動画を作りたい。/ 企業ブランディング ポートフォリオ・シネマ "FACE"










記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

「I want to make a video that doesn't make a story.」

Many of the videos that are born in the world are shot after first thinking about what kind of development and what kind of story to make.

However, the FACE we make does not have that idea. Of course, there is a "theme".

This side does not intentionally direct the subject to "please move like this", "talk like this", or "laugh here". The characteristic of FACE, which is the continuity of photographs, is natural, but we always stick to the feeling of the scene and the atmosphere, and Marumoto points the viewfinder straight to that person.

What I want to cherish is the "as is" that is conveyed, and the "margin" that the viewer can imagine.

I also strongly try not to draw out words according to this intention.

And I think that it is the music produced by Sanya that gently expands the margin of that imagination.

The story is not spun by this side, but as the viewer confronts the person on the other side of the screen, I hope that as a result, some kind of story is born in that person.

Is it a little confusing?

It would be great if you could feel such a thing while looking at some of the works.

Article: Copy・writing / Mayumi Inagaki

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