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記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

【People who want to spotlight】

Ten years have passed since I started paying a monthly visit to Hie Shrine in Nagatacho, Tokyo.

At that time, I always take the escalator from the Sanno-bashi Bridge side to the shrine building, and I was secretly impressed by how shiny the escalator was whenever I went there. I was secretly impressed by how shiny and clean the escalator was. This is because it must take a lot of effort to keep the escalator on the roof (and it is very long) clean at all times.

The other day, I met the first person who was cleaning it. He was a tall, slender man in his thirties, checking the polish in the sunlight, polishing, checking again, and repeating the process.

I couldn't help but walk up to him and say

He said, "Every time I pay a visit to the temple, I am grateful for your help. The clean escalator makes me feel refreshed. Thank you very much.

Then, the person said

I told him, "It's been three years since I took charge of this place. I am so happy to hear that someone felt that way. It encourages me," he said, his face scrunched up in a smile. He added

Isn't it hard to keep it like this all the time?" When I asked, "Isn't it hard to keep them like this all the time?

He replied, "Yes, it is. Birds drop many things here, so it's not easy.

It was a hot July afternoon. It was a hot July afternoon.

I always think to myself, "I would like to make a FACE for this kind of person. I always think, "I would like to make FACE for people like this.

What I want to highlight are those who, as The Craftsman, support the important aspects of our daily lives.

May God bless that wonderful man.

Article : Copy・writing / Mayumi Inagaki

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