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記事: 作曲家 / 山谷知明

【Have a nice morning with Bach's Goldberg Variations】

As the saying goes, "Whoever controls the morning controls the day," if you can spend the morning comfortably, the whole day will surely be wonderful. I think everyone has their own way to spend the morning comfortably, but using music is one way to do it. In the morning, it's time to start activities, so I think many people are listening to music with an up-tempo and intense rhythm, like throwing drowsiness out of their bodies and hitting their hips. However, the moist, calm and quiet music that you hear before going to bed at night actually goes very well with the moment you wake up. Just as you can't suddenly get a high speed on a bicycle, you need a "run-up" to start the day. For that purpose, it is smoother to start with the same feeling as falling asleep and gradually increase the tension.

The BGM for waking up in the morning should be music that encourages "run-up" in a natural way. I recommend "Goldberg Variations" composed by J.S. Bach. This song is named after an anecdote that a boy named Goldberg, who was a student of Bach, played for the Count suffering from insomnia, and the piano is also related to "sleeping and awakening". It's a song. The tone of the piano suits the time of the morning very well, and these suites have a mixture of slow tempo and up tempo, so by listening to this collection as a morning BGM, The engine will gradually start on your body. Moreover, since each song is developed by dealing with only one melody, you can create a consistent beauty in your heart.

It has an aria at the beginning and the end, and consists of 30 variations using that melody. In other words, a total of 32 songs are all made up of the same melody. Therefore, the tempo and structure of each song will be quite different, but you will not get the impression that it is different. I feel that it helps to straighten my mind in the morning. I listen to this song while eating breakfast and listening to it while taking a walk, and I am doing a "run-up".

Article: Composer / Tomoaki Yamaya

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