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1 オリジナリティ(独自性)

2 明快(わかりやすさ)

3 極端(目新しさ)

4 癒着(ファン、SNSのフォロワーなど)

この要素に、この本はどんな人のどんな手助けになるか、を考えながら企画を作っていくのだが、書籍に限らず、YouTubeで視聴者数をとにかく稼ぎたい動画を作るときなどにもこれは有効かもしれない。 ところで、FACEはこの要素を全く無視して作品をつくっている。明快さ、極端さなどは目指していない。むしろ、できるだけ淡々と、余計なことを一切排除し、目の前の人と対峙したことで生まれたものをそのまま発信したいと思っている。「どうぞ、自由に感じてください」―それが大事なメッセージで、結果としてオリジナリティを生んでいたら嬉しい、ぐらいのものだ。







記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

【Create the opposite of the hit method.】

There are four elements that are said to be necessary when considering a book hit project.

1 Originality

2 Clarity (easy to understand)

3 Extreme (novelty)

4 Adhesions (fans, SNS followers, etc.)

With this element, I will make a plan while thinking about what kind of person and what kind of help this book will help, but this is not limited to books, but also when making videos that want to earn more viewers on YouTube. May be valid.

By the way, FACE completely ignores this element and creates works. We are not aiming for clarity or extremeness. Rather, I would like to eliminate all unnecessary things as plainly as possible and send out what was born by confronting the person in front of me. "Please feel free" -that's the important message, and I'd be happy if it created originality as a result.

Why did this happen?

After all, it may be a simple reason that three people who dislike being forced to do what they intended have gathered.

However, I also know that the lighter ones have the power to gradually mourn people's hearts. I want to make a video that makes me want to look back over and over again, rather than something that is easy to understand and eye-catching.

Is going. Since "words" are the pillars of all of them, I think that he is consistent, but sometimes other people say "I'm doing various things", and every time I get a little haze. Hold what you did.

Perhaps the reason is that "various things" is a synonym for "this and that", and there is a strong stereotype in me that people who do this and that are not top-notch.

However, it is a fact that I can meet people from various industries because I am doing this and that.

Article : Copy・writing / Mayumi Inagaki

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