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ミニマル・ミュージックという音楽をご存知でしょうか。ミニマル・ミュージック(Minimal Music)は、メロディーやリズムなどの動きを最小限に抑え、それをひとつのパターンとしてリピートさせることで作り上げていく音楽で、1960年代に現代音楽の1ジャンルとしてアメリカで生まれました。

ミニマル・ミュージックの先駆者の一人に、スティーヴ・ライヒ(Steve Reich)というアメリカ人の作曲家がいます。彼の『Violin Phase』という曲をYouTubeで聞いてみてください。スタッカートぎみのヴァイオリンの音が延々とリピートされ、たまに発生するズレや少しずつ変化する音楽が心地良さを生み出しています。

【ご参考】スティーヴ・ライヒ『Violin Phase』



作曲家 山谷知明

【Repeat is beautiful】

Do you know the music called minimal music? Minimal Music is music created by minimizing movements such as melody and rhythm and repeating it as one pattern. It was born in the United States in the 1960s as a genre of contemporary music. rice field.

One of the pioneers of minimal music is Steve Reich, an American composer. Listen to his song "Violin Phase" on YouTube. The sound of the staccato violin is repeated endlessly, and the occasional deviations and the gradually changing music create comfort.

[Reference] Steve Reich "Violin Phase"

Why does minimal music bring comfort?

Looking around us, there are many things that are made up of small units lined up. A forest is formed by lining up many trees, and the four seasons are also made up of four types of time divisions: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Our bodies are made up of cells of the same shape. Humans will surely feel physiologically comfortable with the things that are lined up and the endless repetition. "Repeat" has a mechanical image, but I think it really suits human skin. Tomoaki Yamaya / Composer

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