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作曲家と著作家と写真家の3人で、人と企業を応援する、ポートフォリオ・シネマ "FACE"













記事:フォトグラファー MAL / 丸本 祐佐

Portfolio cinema "FACE" that supports people and companies with three people, a composer, a writer, and a photographer.】

I want to support people and companies through the collaboration of music, words, and photographs.

And we want to create a position where we can contribute to people, companies, and society while fully demonstrating our skills.

In 2017, a composer, a writer, and a photographer who respect each other started a project called "FACE", which is close to analog, while thinking about such things.

With the help of various people from the beginning, we were able to celebrate our fifth year this year.

And what I personally think about here now is that I want you to know more about FACE.

By shining a spotlight on a person, that person's face, and the inside, it will lead to a clearer outline of the company.

The beginning of making the "human heart" happy, which is the basis of companies and society, is "to let others, including the people of the company, know the very existence of being here."

I would like to convey to many people the existence and individuality of each person, the attitude and efforts to face work, the power of the people who support Japan and the power of the company, and hope that the next motion will occur in various places.

What we can do may be really small, but we dare to create a margin and focus on the existence (face) of the person and the company with an analog, minimal and straightforward expression method that stimulates the imagination of the viewer. I want to support Japan from the ground up.

For that reason, I wanted to start a blog where I would like to convey our thoughts, status reports, messages, etc.

The pace is very slow, but the unique expressions or expressions of the three members may be lined up here.

We would appreciate it if you could take a look at our messages and works, including our individual profiles, and wait for your interest.

Article: Photographer MAL / Yusuke Marumoto


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