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存在認知(ストローク) / ポートレートと心理学 / 丸本祐佐
















記事 : Photographer MAL / 丸本祐佐

【Existence recognition / Portraits and Psychology】

Death," which until now I had only vaguely imagined, has become somewhat imaginable to me now that I am in my mid-50s.

Considering death as the goal of life, I try to put up one flag from the present to the process.

The point at which I will set up the flag is 70 years old, which is also my imagination, but it may be the age at which I myself can work with vigor and physical activity.

So, in my case, in the next 14 years, I wonder what kind of experiences I can accumulate, how much I can grow as a person, and how many more pieces of quality I can produce.

As with anything, if you don't have an objective, circular view of the big picture, you can't start making things, and you can't see the "details (essence)" of a concept.

When we think creatively about things, life is the same way, and I think it is important to be aware of one's current situation (details = essence) by looking at the whole picture, including the goal of death, objectively and in a circular manner.

It is said that one can live one's true life by being aware of one's limited time, or death.

I believe that the basic concept for living one's true life in society is "being aware," which I also hold up as a concept in my portrait photography.

The human mind cannot live without "being-awareness.

The definition of this, also known as "stroke" in psychology, is

"I know that you are there."

It is what the human mind wants most in life.

Many people seek "presence recognition/stroke" from others, but I see it as something that begins with asking oneself first, not just others.

In this way, a portrait of oneself can lead to self reflection, awareness, acceptance, courage, healing, confidence, growth, resilience, etc., and a portrait of a loved one can have the same effect, or even more so, and is a step into the realm of art. I believe that portraits depicting our loved ones can have the same effect, or even more, and that it is a creative process that extends into the realm of art.

Until my death, I would like to continue my exploration of the concept of "presence perception/stroke" through portrait photography and leave it as my work.

article : Photographer MAL


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