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この世で一番無粋なのはビニール傘で、 一番美しいのは女性の足首だとよくおっしゃっていたあの方が亡くなった。 85歳だった。 また、毎朝、珈琲を啜りながらPCを開くのが楽しみだともおっしゃっていた。 なぜなら、PCのパスワードがこれまでに好きになった女性の頭文字で構成したものだそうで、入力するたびに、ご機嫌な気分になるらしい。

「ちなみに、奥様はその何番目ですか?」 と尋ねたときは、 「君は無粋なことを訊くねぇ〜」 と一笑された。

また、同じように私もパスワードを構成してみようとしたら、数が全然足りないことに気づいたことをつたえたときは、 「君は、人生の楽しみを半分以上味わっていないことになる」 と、真顔で言われてしまった。

「そんなぁ。いやいや、結構楽しい人生ですよ」  へらへらと笑って答えた私。

「楽しい、って言っているうちはダメだね。 いい人生だった、って言えるように生きなさい」 と言われたのはちょうど5年前のことだった。


記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

【Love and Sexuality】

The most tactless thing in the world is a plastic umbrella,

The most beautiful thing in the world is a woman's ankle," she used to say.

She was 85 years old.

She also said that she looked forward to opening her PC every morning while sipping coffee.

He also said that he looked forward to opening his PC every morning while sipping his coffee, because his PC password consisted of the initials of all the women he had fallen in love with, and every time he typed it in, it put him in a good mood.

When I asked him, "By the way, what number is your wife?"

When I asked,

He laughed at me and said, "You are so tactless to ask me that.

He laughed at me.

When I told him that I had tried to compose my own password and found that there were not enough of them, he replied, "You are not having more than half of life's pleasures,

He said to me with a straight face, "That means you have not experienced more than half of life's pleasures.

He said to me with a straight face.

No, no, no, no. My life is quite enjoyable. No, no, no, my life is quite enjoyable.

 I replied, smiling.

I smiled and replied, "Not while you are saying it's fun.

Live your life so that you can say, "It was a good life.

It was exactly five years ago that I was told, "You should live your life so that you can say it was a good life.

I wonder if I am living a good life now.

Articles: Copywriting / Mayumi Inagaki


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