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記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

【The less visible the intention, the better.】

The world is full of "cool videos.

There are also many "cute videos" featuring babies and animals.

There are also a lot of videos of delicious food lined up in a row, which make people gulp down their mouths unintentionally.

However, when you look at them, you may think, "Look!

Look, this is the part where the excitement builds up. This is the part where you make it exciting and end quietly. It's good.

"See, isn't it cute? I think it's a buzzle.

"Oh, the light is really nice.

The unheard voices of the photographer and editor often seem to reach our ears.

This is because I myself am from the production side and my navel is a little crooked, but I am always dismayed when I see something that has a strong sense of "intention.

We hope that the "face" we create will be as much as possible a direct conversation between "the person on the screen" and "the viewer".

The creator should not be the main character. The less our presence is felt, the better the video is. At least, that's what I think.

But if someone says, "That's exactly what you intended," there's no point.

Article : Copy writing / Mayumi Inagaki


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