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記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

【What the hands tell us】

In 2022, I had many opportunities to meet with people in the agriculture and forestry industries.

I also met a really cool woman in her 20s who works as a lumberjack. It seems that the number of young people with sensitive life sensors and full of energy is increasing in the primary industry. I know it is a tough reality, but she said with a smile, "It's fun," and I felt a bright future.

In meeting with these people, from those in their 20s to veterans in their 80s who have dedicated their lives to this field, I was always in the habit of interviewing them, and they showed me many "hands. Nothing says a profession more eloquently than "hands. Your life is reflected in your face, but what you do for a living is reflected in your hands. And all hands are really beautiful and powerful. I often feel ashamed of how weak my hands are because I touch a computer all the time.

I am secretly thinking of asking Photographer Marumoto to create a series of "hands" only, which is one of the things I would like to achieve in 2023.

I look forward to working with you again this year.

Article : Copy writing / Mayumi Inagaki


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