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FACEの主役は、その企業や組織のトップではなく、そこで働く(集う)人々です。 ご依頼いただく経営者の方々は、社員やスタッフの幸せがあってこそ企業の発展がある、とお考えになっています。













記事:コピー・ライティング / 稲垣麻由美 【I want to convey a voice that I can't usually hear.】

The protagonists of FACE are not the heads of the company or organization, but the people who work (gather) there. The managers who request us believe that the happiness of our employees and staff is the only way to develop our company.

By the way, the words that appear in this FACE (work) are, after asking the people who appear in various stories according to the theme, "Then, what Mr. XX wants to convey is this. "Is it?", I shortened it tightly.

It's quite difficult to say this tightly, but when people say, "Oh yeah, this is what I wanted to say. This!", It was my greatest pleasure, and every time I asked for that pleasure. , I'm on the scene (laughs)

I used to talk to people in their early 40s at Eto Keiki Co., Ltd.

The theme of the work was "pride", so

I started by asking, "If there is something that Mr. XX can be proud of when working at this company, this is amazing, please let me know."

Then he turned down for a while, and when he thought that his hands were squeezed on his lap, he suddenly raised his face and said,

"It may be a little off, but ... I've been changing jobs repeatedly, and this company is the third company. Until I come here, I've always thought that my job is to support my family, so I'll put up with it even if it's hard. But since I was taken care of by this, I never thought I didn't like to come to the company. Isn't that great? "

It was

I still remember this time well.

Finally, he said with a shy expression, "I haven't had a chance to tell people about this kind of thing. I'm glad."

What did the copy attached to this person's photo look like? I would be grateful if you could take a look here.

I hope that FACE can also play a role in connecting the top companies and the people who work there.

Article: Copywriting / Mayumi Inagaki


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