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記事: 作曲家 / 山谷知明

"The wastefulness that is not wasteful."

Since everyone only has 24 hours in a day, when trying to use time effectively, we tend to think in the direction of "eliminating waste."

Especially in work, it is impossible to escape from the efficient thinking of "how much value can be created in as little time as possible."

However, there are cases where what is commonly referred to as "waste" is not necessarily wasteful. And sometimes, something that may be considered wasteful by others can be extremely important to oneself.

The ability to judge what is wasteful and what is not becomes crucial.

Let's consider our own version of "the wastefulness that is not wasteful."

For example, even if I have a looming deadline, I am perfectly capable of sleeping soundly or starting to watch a movie without working on it. I don't consider this to be a waste.

"You don't have to do that at a time like this."

"Aren't you just escaping from reality?"

These thoughts may arise, but for me, that is a very important time, serving as fuel replenishment before I dive into work with passion.

Moreover, consciously focusing on things that many people dismiss as wasteful might lead to discovering something that no one else could find.

Article: Composer / Tomoaki Yamaya

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