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記事: フォトグラファー MAL / 丸本祐佐

【The healing and courage of portraits】

"Your shooting is like therapy"

This is one of the words that the client occasionally conveys after taking a portrait.

I'll leave it to your imagination ...

The way I interact with my subject is clearly different from other photographers.

I think that most of the parts you can't tell the difference even if you look at the shooting site from the surroundings, but many of the people who took the picture seemed to feel something and said, "This is my first experience."

I think portraits have a therapeutic effect in the first place.

I have told you that portraits have the power to give "courage" and "healing" as one of the possibilities, but those with a high level of consciousness, those who are delicate and sensitive, or those who think deeply in real life. Those who are in the area seem to be particularly aware of the therapeutic effect.

(Therefore, I also think that portraits can be incorporated into grief care, including shooting situations.)

The interesting part of my portrait is the style of trying to make more people feel and notice those effects.

For that reason, I have multiple things I do on a daily basis, but if I tell you only one thing I'm doing, I'm shooting portraits while being conscious of "self-match". That is.

To put it more simply

"I'm releasing a shutter that doesn't lie to myself or the subject."

This is not only about shooting, but also about how important it is for people to live their true lives.

"Healing portrait" that I, as a photographer, take while matching myself ...

I am working hard every day to find out that it can be a catalyst for self-match and help for those who have become subjects.

Article: Photographer MAL / Yusuke Marumoto

Petit Soleil ©︎MAL


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