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記事: 作曲家 / 山谷知明

God's work


It's a common practice in creative writing to "turn a pinch into an opportunity."

For example, in Spielberg's film "Jaws," there is a shot of a swimming woman looking up from the bottom of the ocean.

The only thing that is important about this shot is that it shows a woman floating on the surface of the water, gradually coming closer and closer from the bottom of the ocean.

This cut succeeds in heightening the audience's sense of interest and fear.

However, this cut was not planned from the beginning.

This cut, however, was not part of the original plan, but was taken as a desperate measure because the shark robot, which cost a lot of money to build, had trouble and did not move at all.

It is interesting to think that if the shark robot had worked smoothly, the movie "Jaws" might not have been a success.

Similarly, in a scene from the popular American TV series "Twin Peaks," a

There is a scene in the popular American TV series "Twin Peaks" in which a group of young people are spraying water at each other with a hose.

This cut has nothing to do with the storyline of the film, and the young people playing with each other and splashing water on each other are minor characters.

The young people playing with each other are also minor characters.

The ground was dry in the key shot of the scene, but unfortunately it rained on the day of the cut that led to it, and the ground was wet.

The director, David Lynch, improvised the scene as a desperate measure.

The result is not only the consistency of the cut, but also adds a mysterious mood to the film.

It's amazing how he not only overcame a situation that would have given anyone pause, but also improved the quality of the work with his great wit.

As we see and hear these various episodes from the creative process

The memorable scenes, direction, impressive musical compositions, melodies, etc., were not planned from the beginning.

They are often the result of a clever attempt to avoid unexpected problems.

This is something that cannot be controlled by human will, and is the work of chance, the work of God.

Article: Composer / Tomoaki Yamaya


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