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記事: 作曲家 / 山谷知明

【On Sharing the Arts】

I am very happy when I find a red pencil line or a folded page edge in a used book I bought at a used bookstore. This is because it is a "mark" that the previous owner of the book has put there by his or her own emotional movement, and discovering such a mark gives me a strange sense of comfort, as if I am sharing the work of art with that person.

Art is more enjoyable when you savor it with someone else than when you enjoy it exclusively by yourself. For example, if someone you love has passed away, and you take a book off of his or her bookshelf and open it, and you see a line in the text with a red pencil, you will be able to enjoy it with him or her.

I would think, "Oh, she must have loved that sentence."

You will feel that "Oh, he liked this sentence. You may be filled with warmth and tears.

The same can be said for watching a movie in a movie theater. No matter how luxurious the home theater is, if you watch a movie alone, you will never feel truly satisfied. The reason why the number of people who prefer to watch movies in theaters does not decrease, even though we live in a world where we can install cinema-like equipment in our homes, is because everyone knows that the "shared feeling of art" is more valuable than any luxurious home theater. It is truly a miraculous moment when many strangers can cry and laugh at the same time in a movie theater, watching the same scene.

You get to share your emotions with others."

I believe that this is the way for us to "not live lonely" and the purest and most luxurious way to enjoy art.

Article: Composer / Tomoaki Yamaya

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