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作曲家 山谷知明

【You can feel the movement of emotions from your facial expressions.

Add music to it.】

What I find interesting about the FACE project is adding music to portraits (still images). Since music is an "art of time", it usually has the property of being attached (easy to attach) to things that are developed over time, such as movies and plays. Therefore, by watching the video taken by the video team, we will get a clue to make music from the acting and scene cuts of the actors reflected in it. However, in the FACE project, music will be made from portraits taken by MAL, that is, still images that are visually static photographs. This was a new way of making music and an experiment for me.

As I worked on several FACE projects, I realized that "photographs are moving." I mentioned earlier that "a photo that doesn't move visually", but in reality, I think the photo is moving. What's more, the way you move depends on the person who sees the picture. It's very interesting!

In the movie, music is added while being aware of the emotions of the characters and the emotional lines of the viewers. So, even when you're in front of a portrait, start by understanding your emotional movements. Not only the facial expression of the person in the picture, but also the atmosphere of the light surrounding the face, the background, and my own psychological situation when I saw the picture, worked a lot, and one emotional figure. Comes to the surface. The person's own words attached to the picture (which is extracted by Mayumi) are also an important factor in shaping the emotional appearance. In front of me, I feel like the person in the picture speaks to me. You can hear the voice of that person's heart.

Tomoaki Yamaya / Composer


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