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記事: 作曲家 山谷知明

【Manage your mind with music】

Curiously, happiness comes to the smiling people one after another, and people who always have a moody face are unlucky one after another. I think many people realize that there are good and bad cycles in the world, and if you can get into the good cycle, your life will improve.

◆ Good state of mind

◆ Good behavior

◆ Good results

It is a very simple flow, but by repeating this, a good cycle that improves life is created. The point is how to create the "good state of mind" that is the starting point in yourself. "Utilization of music" is very effective in this part.

Music can be used not only as an object of appreciation, but also as a tool for preparing the mind and maximizing behavior. Every time I hear the tempo and color of the music, it is imprinted on my heart, and the music and my heart are synchronized. And, for example, by listening to the music you always listen to when your mind is disturbed, your mind will be automatically organized and you will be regained calm by the time you finish listening to the music.

Also, music has a fixed time, so it is easy to incorporate it into your daily life. Five minutes of music will not consume more than five minutes. It can be said that it is an effective tool for those who have a busy daily life. It is also convenient that you can put it in your smartphone and carry it around, and access it anytime and anywhere to prepare your mind. Music is a great way to manage your mind.

Article: Composer Tomoaki Yamaya

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