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記事: 作曲家 / 山谷知明

【In the headwind】

I believe that there is always a headwind blowing against us in this world.

It is hard just to keep standing in the same place.

I've stopped in the middle of my life."

and so on, but if you really stand still, you cannot stay where you are and are forced backward by the strong force of the headwind.

Everyone has probably had the experience that if you let your guard down for a moment, before you know it, things have gotten worse than before.

In other words, in this world, you have to "work hard, work hard, and finally maintain the status quo.

We are living in a strong headwind, and if we stand still and do nothing, we will be pushed back in no time.

In order to move forward toward what you want, you must go beyond the status quo and work even harder.

It sounds quite difficult to put it into words, but sometimes people are able to do this without much effort.

This is when they "love" what they do, or when they feel it is their mission in life.

Article: Composer / Tomoaki Yamaya

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