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記事: コピー・ライティング / 稲垣 麻由美

【I want to be small and difficult with pride.】

A long time ago, I got into a fight with a board member of a major publishing company. In the middle of Tokyo Station, he yelled at me, "Don't you dare talk so big!" He yelled at me. Over the phone, you know (laughs).

It all started when we were deciding on the binding of a book I was in charge of composing and editing, and we had a big disagreement.

I was thinking about how to express the pale, delicate colors of the text, to use a simple example, in the editing process. Therefore, I wanted the binding to be a beautiful extension of that process. However, the finished product looked like a billboard made with the sole purpose of standing out in the neon district.

I told them, "I'm sorry, but this is just too much..."

The board member (who was also the editor in charge) said, "To sell, it is important to be easy to understand and to stand out. Difficult things don't sell. We paid a popular designer quite a lot of money to make it.

In response, I said, "But I don't think it fits with the text," which led to my comment at the beginning of this article, "Hey, you....

As long as it is a business, for publishers, it is all about how to make books that sell.

However, there is a tendency in the industry to say, "The level of Japanese people today is like this, so we just have to make something like this. Don't make it too difficult." I can't help but feel that this tendency in the publishing industry has led to the stagnation of the publishing world.

It is neither an artist nor a craftsman to say, "It's okay to just make something this good.

There is no pride in that.

I would like to be small and difficult with regard to the work I am involved in.

I want to be proud of my work.

I am thinking about such things in the days of intense heat.

Article : Copy・writing / Mayumi Inagaki



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