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Mayumi Inagaki / Branding Director & Copywriting

Based on the idea that "branding is to intentionally send out what you should convey"
I am good at hearing thoroughly from clients and clarifying "what really needs to be communicated".

In this project, he is in charge of copywriting, the project window, and the execution staff.
Converting "vague thoughts" into "words that can be conveyed" into a shape.

Also, as a non-fiction writer and writer, he continues to write various things on the themes of "life" and "feelings".
The masterpiece "115 Koibun that helped us live in the battlefield" (Fusosha Publishing) became the original draft of the stage "I want to meet".

Performed at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Theater.
It was featured in many media such as NHK "Good Morning Japan".

In October 2017, the book "What is really important in life, a psychiatrist specializing in cancer", which summarizes the dialogue between the director of the Department of Psychiatrists, Dr. Shimizu Lab.・ Published "Dialogue between Shimizu Lab and Patients" (KADOKAWA).

I like the time to look at the sky and the hot springs rather than three meals. Frequently haunts Hakone "Tenzan" and "Mako Onsen". Born in Kobe.
Representative Director of Ichirindo Co., Ltd.

◆ Books "115 love sentences that supported living in the battlefield", "What is really important in life: Dialogue between Shimizu Lab., A psychiatrist specializing in cancer, and patients", etc. : More than 70 books ◆ Candidates for Tokyo Governor's election, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, City Council election, etc.

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