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​What the human heart wants most


What the human heart wants most.

It is what every person wants, regardless of their social title or position.

By knowing about it, you may be able to understand the magnitude of the impact that the portfolio cinema "FACE" we offer has on people's hearts.


What people want most is "existence recognition," which is also my portrait concept, and in psychological terms, it is called "stroke."

Briefly, a stroke is a person-to-person interaction, including both verbal and non-verbal.

The definition of stroke is "I know you are there".

If you are a business owner, it may come to your mind.

What people's hearts want most is "I want you to know your existence here" and "I want a stroke", which is the minimum and maximum.


If you replace it on a daily basis,

I say hello because I know your existence.

Have a conversation that knows your existence.

Do business because you know your existence.

I have a fight because I know your existence.

Do respect and love because you know your existence.


Therefore, it is "ignore / no reaction" that the human mind feels the most fear and anxiety in communication.


I won't go into any further psychological explanations here, but if anyone can get a lot of positive strokes from others, they can feel happy.


Based on this, I will explain briefly.


In the portfolio cinema "FACE" that we provide in collaboration with photographers (photographs), writers (words) and composers (music) ...


① Take a picture

First, the portrait portrays the very existence of the person (I know you are there).

As a photographer on the shooting side, I strive to depict the "purity" of people.

What that means is that I don't lie to myself or the person who is the subject, and I shoot without lying.

I don't know how many seconds and minutes it will take to build a trusting relationship in the space (mostly non-verbal parts), but for those who place importance on that and become the subject. Strive to depict purity.

This is also one of the big strokes for the subject.

I believe that a portrait that depicts the person's innocence will not lie to the person or the person who sees it, but will be an opportunity, help, and awareness to build a relationship of trust.


② Add words

The author summarizes the words that emerge from the inside of each person through the interview and attaches them as "words that describe that person."

As with portrait photography, this is also a big stroke due to the spotlight of interviews, which are rarely seen in everyday life.

In the process of the interview, by listening to the person's successful experience, it becomes a word and is transcribed and visualized, and by recognizing one's own experience and efforts again, self-affirmation, self-efficacy, etc. It will lead to improvement.

(It is believed that by increasing "self-efficacy", people can also increase their tolerance to stress, resilience, self-confidence, and a spirit of challenge, which leads to growth. Self-efficacy is not easy to continue for a long time. Unlike non-motivation, it is possible to continue because it is relative to behavioral changes. This is also one of the components of resilience.)


③ Add music

From portraits and words, the composer imagines the people and companies that exist there and adds music.

This is also a big stroke.

It improves the quality of the strokes given to the viewers, and at the same time, it also has the function of amplifying the emotions that speak to people, dramatically improving the perfection of the work "FACE".


Through the completed portfolio cinema "FACE", even those who have become subjects can objectively see (see) it and feel "existence recognition / stroke" both consciously and unconsciously. Probably.


By visualizing the faces and feelings (existence) of each person who is a treasure of the company, it contributes to the improvement of each self-affirmation and self-efficacy, and the clarified individual existence is the face of the company as it is. I think that it will become (FACE) and will lead to the most important "building of trust" for everything.


Companies, organizations, and teams who have been requested to create "FACE" have different purposes for using "FACE" internally, as an opportunity to improve the self-efficacy of human resources, to review the relationship of trust, or externally. Corporate branding, advertising, utilization for securing human resources, etc.


We would be delighted if you could feel the attractiveness of a company's work and the impact and contribution that strokes have on people's hearts through this portfolio cinema "FACE".


​ Photographer MAL

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