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Service & Price


[Basic Plan]
Please see the sample video "Life 1" from the "Works" page for your reference.


This is a sample of MAL's photographs selected with the theme of "life" combined with words and music.

In reality, the project starts by thinking together about the "core" and "theme" of the message you want to send.

According to that theme, MAL will be in charge of shooting and Yamatani will compose.

Inagaki will interview the subject and pick up the core words to finish the words spelled out here.

Your company name and logo will be printed on the ending page.


① Hearing for branding & direction

We have taken the time to listen carefully to the needs of our clients in order to build the story of the entire video and share the image.


② Shooting

The time required for the studio varies depending on the number of people and the number of cuts. We will continue to discuss where it is best to shoot.


③ Copy production

The message you want to convey or should convey is a word that "transmits". We will finish the copy that is the key throughout and the copy that will be attached to each photo while interviewing. (We will interview you at the time of shooting).


④ Original music production

Creates only one original music in the world based on the photos and copies taken.

We also accept requests regarding the content of music, such as specifying the instrument to be used, specifying the music genre, and incorporating live music. (option)


⑤ Delivery

・ High-quality video file (MP4 format)

・ Original music (WAV format) with only one song in the world

・ Photo data made into a video

・ Key copy

・ YouTube up

◆ Sales price 

[Basic Version] ¥ 1,000,000 (excluding tax)

◇ Overview: Video production (slide show format, within 2 minutes, length of sample video "Life")

◇ KEY copy production

◇ Delivery: Video file (MP4) Original music (WAV format) Photo data (We will give you the photo used for the video)

◇ Subject ・ Up to 8 cuts

[Long Version] ¥ 1,500,000 (excluding tax)

◇ Overview: Video production (slide show format, within 4 minutes)

◇ KEY copy production

◇ Delivery: Video file (MP4) Original music (WAV format) Photo data (We will give you the photo used for the video)

◇ Subject ・ Up to 15 cuts

[FULL Version] ¥ 2,000,000 ~ (excluding tax)

◇ Video production + branding direction

How do you convey the "mission", "vision" and "feelings" of your business to your customers while listening to your company's requests? How can you deliver the world view? We will consider the composition story of the video from the beginning and propose branding in general.

◇ Delivery: Video file (MP4) Original music (WAV format) Photo data (All photos taken will be handed over)

◇ Person who will be the subject ・ Number of cuts According to your request

* This is also the one that requires the original technology of "Asuka Social Insurance Labor and Social Security Attorney" in Works.


◆ At the time of coverage, please bear the transportation expenses except in the metropolitan area.

◆ Depending on the area, we may ask you to pay for accommodation.



In addition to making videos, each member will respond to any requests.



◆ Summary: Original music production that can be used freely in videos and events

◆ Contents: Approximately 3 minutes of instrumental music

◆ Enforcement contents: Composition, arrangement, programming, recording, mixing, mastering

◆ Delivery: Music file (WAV), music CD-R

◆ Customization: We accept various requests such as extension of time, introduction of live music recording, and production of sheet music. (Quotation system)

◆ Note: A separate ¥ 10,000 will be charged for face-to-face hearings.


<Branding & Copywriting>

◆ Summary: Making a main copy Product description copy ・ Writing of sentences to be posted on HP, pamphlets, etc.

◆ Contents: Based on the story created by video production, we propose words to be spun in various media.

◆ Set price: Estimate system by hearing



◆ Summary: Photographing centered on portraits, advertising photography, portraits for individuals, image creation with photographs, provision of workshops

◆ Contents: Photographing after deciding the purpose of use of the photo, proposal of a workshop using portrait

◆ Enforcement details: Photographing, selection of photo data, development, art direction

◆ Delivery: Delivery in the form of the desired service content

◆ Set price: Estimate system

* For other inquiries and inquiries, please contact us from the "About" page.

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