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Service & Price


[Basic Plan]
Please see the sample videos "Life1" and "Life2" for your reference.

◇ Overview: Video production (slide show format, within 2 minutes)
◇ Delivery: Video file (MP4)
◇ Up to 10 subjects

<Flow to production>
(1) Hearing for branding and direction In order to build the story of the entire video and share the image, we have time to listen carefully to the requests of our clients.

(Hearing 2 hours I will visit your company)

② Shooting
After clarifying the image according to the contents of the hearing, we will proceed to take a picture for inserting a video.

③ Copy production Make the message you want to convey / convey the message to be conveyed.
We will finish the catch phrase, which is the key throughout, and the copy attached to each photo, while interviewing.

(We will interview you at the time of shooting)

④Original music production Based on the photographs and copies taken, we produce only one original music in the world.
We also accept requests regarding the content of music, such as specifying the instrument to be used, specifying the music genre, and incorporating live music (optional).

⑤Delivery ・ High-quality video file (MP4 format)
・ Branding report A4 2 sheets ・ Original music of only one song in the world (WAV format)

◆ Sales price

[Basic Version] ¥ 500,000 (excluding tax)
・ Overview: Video creation (slide show format, within 2 minutes, length of sample video "Life")

・ Delivery: Video file (MP4)

・ Subject: Up to 10 people

・ It will be delivered as a video. Please note that the data of the photo itself is not included.

[Long  Version] ¥ 750,000 (excluding tax)
・ Overview: Video creation (slide show format, within 4 minutes)

・ Delivery: Video file (MP4)

・ Subject: Up to 20 people

・ It will be delivered as a video. Please note that the data of the photo itself is not included.

If the number of people to be photographed exceeds 20, we will make a separate quotation.


[+ Photo data】 ¥ 15 0,000 ~ (excluding tax)

・ Please feel free to use photos, copies (words), etc. on leaflets, websites, etc. We will save the photo data on a CD and hand it to you.

◆ At the time of coverage, please bear the transportation expenses outside the metropolitan area.
◆ Depending on the area, we may ask you to pay for accommodation.


In addition to making videos, each member will respond to any requests.

◆ Overview: Original music production that can be freely used for videos and events ◆ Contents: Instrumental music for about 3 minutes ◆ Enforcement contents: Composition, arrangement, programming, recording, mixing, mastering ◆ Delivery: Music file (WAV), music CD-R
◆ Customization: We accept various requests such as extension of time, introduction of live music recording, and production of sheet music. (Quotation system)
◆ Sales price: ¥ 50,000 (tax included)
◆ Note: A separate ¥ 10,000 will be charged for face-to-face hearings.

<Branding & Copywriting>
◆ Overview: Making a main copy Product description Copy ・ Writing of sentences to be posted on HP and pamphlets ◆ Contents: Based on the story created by video production, we propose words to be spun in various media.
◆ Set price: Estimate system by hearing

◆ Overview: Advertising photos such as the Web and printed matter, portraits in general, creating an image of a company with photographs ◆ Contents: Photographing and art direction after deciding the purpose of use of the photographs

◆ Implementation details: Photographing, selection of photo data, development work (photo data only adjusts color and lightness and darkness, does not retouch), etc. ◆ Delivery: Photo data is delivered on a disc

◆ Set price: Estimate system by hearing

* Please feel free to contact us from the "About" page for other inquiries.

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